Should I go with dark or light hardwood flooring?

Should I go with dark or light hardwood flooring?

Light, dark, and medium-toned wood flooring works very well in all decors, so there isn't a straightforward answer. Your choice will ultimately depend solely upon you. However, when choosing a color, here are some considerations to ponder, put together from your hardwood flooring company.

What’s your home’s overall style?

Light-woods have an airy, more open, natural, and casual feeling, while darker woods can be more traditional, dramatic, and, some say, more stylish. Light shades coordinate with almost anything; dark floors, incredibly bold, bright colors, make a stunning design statement. While we're not saying your floors need to match your overall decor, you will want a cohesive look, so nothing should clash.

Think about the room in which it’s to be installed

What is the level of foot traffic in that room? Neither engineered nor solid hardwood flooring is delicate, but If kids and pets run in and out all day, the surface might be more prone to scratches and scuffs. Light floors tend to camouflage them better.

Think about the fur of pets; a black cat and a light floor don't necessarily make a good match, while the opposite is also true.

Is the room sunny and light, or small and dark? Light floors are more prone to fading because dark ones absorb, rather than reflect, light. You also need to keep balance in mind: A room's overall impression includes not only the floor but includes accessories, upholstery, and wall coverings. If you use dark colors with a dark floor, it might look dark and dreary.

Finally, think about if you’re planning to stay or leave

Whether solid or engineered, all hardwood floors increase a home's value. Some studies indicate the dark floors increase the return on investment even more.

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