Affordable vinyl flooring in a Portland, OR family home

Sheet vinyl flooring could be perfect for your home

We get many questions about affordable flooring products like sheet vinyl and how it works in certain homes. The best answer is to consider your specific requirements and preferences.

There are great products that meet various needs, and understanding what those are can help. Here are some facts that could serve you well.

Choose beauty and décor matching

If one of your requirements is the best-looking floors for any specific area, these floors are up to the task. You’ll find gorgeous visuals that mimic stone, wood, and tile, with colors and textures to match any need.

One of the best parts of this vinyl sheet flooring visual is that no seams interrupt your chosen pattern or design. In most average-sized rooms, a single product covers the entire space.

Choose outstanding flooring durability

If you need durability, talk with a flooring specialist about the features of this product line. You'll have options to choose materials that resist scratches, stains, and scuffs, especially when paired with well-placed area rugs.

Vinyl products are always 100% waterproof, offering you complete peace of mind, even in floods. Install vinyl flooring in any room with no worries about water damage.

If you still have questions about whether these floors are a good fit for you, be sure to speak with an associate while you’re here. We’ll help you find the most affordable choices at any budget level.

We have the vinyl flooring you need

PG Long is proud to offer materials and services that cater to any flooring need in any room of your home. Our associates work with you to reveal the best materials for every need and preference.

We provide the best in flooring to the Pacific Northwest and look forward to helping you too. Visit us at any of our showrooms for sheet vinyl flooring in Springfield, Portland, Bend, and Medford, OR, Kennewick, WA, and Boise, ID.